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Looking for a New Dog in Colorado – Found Stephen Dent’s Dog Training

So I am in the process of getting a new dog. Our dog, Hilda just died last week. My son was chasing her on his bike and she ran out to the main street and a huge truck went right over her and didn’t even stop! My poor son saw the whole thing and he is TRAUMATIZED. We need a new dog ASAP but I don’t want to just get any old dog I want a really friendly dog who can take my son’s mind off of Hilda. Also I want to train the dog so something like this doesn’t happen again. Now Hilda was a schnauzer, but the new dog doesn’t have to be exactly the same, in fact we would like something different. Long story short, I found Stephen Dent’s Dog Training to accomplish this. Here’s the link to the site:

You might wonder how I found this site. Well I simply looked up dog training in Colorado and after a little bit of searching found this great site written by Stephen Dent – a trainer or dogs. Now I kept looking for what kind of dog I wanted and I found a cool list on this page here: My absolute favorite from this list as the golden retrievers because I really want a friendly dog for my son! The Blue Heelers look awesome too but they seem to have too much energy and I don’t want my kid to be overwhelmed.

After that section I decided to look at Stephen Dent’s blog. It’s there that I learned that a Red Tibetan Mastiff, named Big Splash, is thought to be the world’s most expensive dog ever bought for a price of $1.5 million USD and that the smallest dog known in the world is one named Boo Boo, who is a long-haired female Chihuahua and stands 4 inches tall and weighs a mere 2 pounds.

There is also a section which talks about how to train your child to act around a dog. Here’s a list Stephen Dent provided me with that I wanted to share with you guys. It says:

  • NEVER disturb any dog that is eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.
  • NEVER pet or raise your hand to try to pet a dog, even your own, without letting him approach you and sniff you first.
  • ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION from the dog owner BEFORE petting any dog.
  • If the owner cannot control the dog and have it SIT nicely, WALK AWAY.
  • NEVER APPROACH a dog who is confined behind a fence, in a car, or on a chain.
  • NEVER TEASE any dog by poking at them through fences or car windows or by reaching your arm through anything to pet them.
  • NEVER APPROACH a strange dog you don’t know or a dog who is not with his owner.
  • NEVER RUN away from a dog that is chasing you. STOP, STAND STILL, REMAIN CALM, FOLD YOUR ARMS IN FRONT, BE QUIET, and DO NOT SCREAM. Speak with a low soothing voice and Walk away SLOWLY FACING THE DOG BUT NOT STARING at its eyes.
  • If a dog does attack, “FEED” him your jacket, a school book, a bicycle, or anything else that you can put between you and the dog.
  • NEVER chase after dogs.
  • DON’T scream or yell around a dog.
  • DON’T stare into the eyes of a dog.
  • If a dog starts to circle you, follow it around and DON’T let it get behind you.
  • If the dog shows is barking or growling at you, PUT SOMETHING BETWEEN YOU AND THE DOG – like a coat or anything you can find to separate you.
  • DON’t assume a dog is friendly just because it wags its tail.
  • If a dog is injured DON’T touch it or try to help it. GO GET an adult.

If you have a kid and want to get a dog you have to visit Stephen Dent’s dog training site! Train your dog right, and make sure to pick the right one so you don’t learn things the hard way like I did.


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