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How To Get Rid Of Ear Mites in Dogs And Cats At Home

When you first notice that you might be having problems with ear mites in dogs or cat ear mites it is necessary to get an ear mite treatment started right away.  This is because dog ear mites and cat ear mites spread very rapidly to other animals around them AND, the debris the pesky mites deposit in your pets ears can quickly cause painful ear infections in dogs and cats.

So, the question becomes, how to get rid of ear mites in dogs and cats at home.  There are a variety of over the counter ear drops for dogs, cats that can dog the job easily.  The trouble with those is they’re full of chemicals and pesticides which can be dangerous for pets.  Additionally, many ear mite treatment products for dogs are not safe for use in cats. Most cannot be shared between your precious pets so you’ll need separate ear mite treatment for cats and dogs in that case.

Visiting your veterinarian’s office is an easy way to get dog ear medication or cat ear medication that will get rid of ear mites in dogs and cats safely.  Still, you can be sure these are pesticides and chemicals in any such prescription ear drops for dogs or cats.

Those seeking the safest way can use natural treatment for ear mites in dogs and cats. While there are a variety of ways to get rid of ear mites in dogs and cats at home naturally, sometimes a little antibiotic or pain reliever may be needed.  Since dog ear mites and cat ear mites can lead to ear ache pain and infection, if this is the case, try Dr Dogs Ear Oil.  It is an ear mite remedy and ear infection treatment that uses natural antibiotic to fight off ear infections in dogs or cats and also contains pain reliever to soothe sore, irritated ears and stops the itchiness right away.

Be sure to get some kind of ear mite treatment started as soon as you can if you notice problems in your pets ears. These things don’t go away without your help, the problems only get worse and until you do something about it, your pets ears will be irritating them.

Visit your vet or go natural with Dr Dogs Ear Oil – safe remedy to get rid of ear mites in dogs, cats and all other animals – without pesticides or chemicals. Ear aches are a pain and this is an effective and inexpensive way to make them feel better fast.


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