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Cleaning Bird cages

To clean your bird’s cage, take your bird out and put it somewhere safe, in a room that is safe for your bird, for instance, but if you do not have such a room, or if your bird is not yet fully tame it is good to have an extra birdcage which you can use while you are cleaning your bird’s cage.

Parts of the cage you can clean without taking your bird out.  You should take out the tray beneath the cage, if the cage has one, every day.  It can get quite as gross as a dish rack (meaning a lot grosser).  And all perches, and nest boxes, and toys, and water and food dishes should be regularly taken out and cleaned.

To clean the entire cage take out your bird, rinse the cage with water, use a rag to clean the bars and get the remaining grime off.  You can use disinfectant afterwards, but after that it will need to be rinsed again.  If you do not want to use disinfectant use vinegar instead.  Vinegar works as well as disinfectant.  Then, sun the cage somewhere until it is dry.

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