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Changing Your Dog’s Routine

Just like people, dogs can become bored and listless and their bad behaviour can often be a reflection of their boredom or overall mood. Your dog will feel more optimistic about the day if you vary his routine, and spice things up a little. Your dog won’t be simply reliving the events of yesterday if you take him somewhere different to walk, give him some different food or play something different with him.

Constant barking, chewing or digging, all of which can be annoying, are often signs that your dog is bored. It’s an easy step to make sure that your dog has some different toys to play with, and you can alternate them regularly to keep things interesting. Just like we prefer to have different choices and a change of routine, so does your dog when it comes to playing. He might prefer a simulated duck today, but go for the rubber bone tomorrow.

Giving your dog a Buster cube every now and then is an easy yet effective way of changing their eating routine. Your dog sometimes gets tired of just going to his dish and eating his food, and the Buster cube can give him a diversion and help to keep him amused for a while. To vary things more, keep a selection of different treats in the house.

We can quickly become bored and depressed if we live the same day each day and don’t bother varying our routine, and your dog is no different. Your dog will be a lot more content and will enjoy better health if you vary his routine as much as possible.

You probably need to take care of an underlying issue if you notice that your dog is chewing items around your home on a regular basis. Boredom can be a killer – try spicing things up a little in your dog’s routine and you will hopefully see an end to any destructive or annoying behaviours that he may have developed.

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