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10 facts about German Shepherds

German Shepherds are one of the noblest dogs. There is something very special and cherished in them. Everyone knows that they are wonderful family dogs, but they are also known for their unusual qualities to rescue people, to be good hunters, help fight crime and be brave soldiers.

German Shepherds are caring and have the instincts to protect their family with the cost of their life. They are kind and dedicated to those they love, but can be cruel and frightening to those who threaten the lives of their owners. Always alert, these animals do not like strangers and people of questionable behavior.

But besides the popular information, there are many interesting facts associated with these dogs. Here are some of them:

  1. A German Shepherd dog would not hesitate for a moment to protect the people it loves, especially children. Most of these dogs are reserved with every stranger who walks to the front door of their home.
  1. A jury of 200 American judges, specialists in dog breeds, ranked German Shepherds third in a contest of intelligence. Thanks to their innate intelligence these dogs are easy to educate and quickly memorize all commands.
  1. In 1925 the German Shepherd was considered the most popular dog in the US and remained the leader by the end of the 20th century before losing that position in the end of World War II. Now, German Shepherds are the second most sought after breed after Labradors.
  1. These dogs are able to run at a very high speed. They are very useful as police or military dogs because of their rapid rush which helps the capture of enemies and criminals.
  1. The noses of German Shepherds are pure black. If the nose is in different color, it is considered that the dog is not purebred or suffer from any disease.
  1. The first German Shepherd was presented at an exhibition in 1907. It represented a cross between a local shepherd dogs and rural farm dogs.
  1. Fathers of the breed are Captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz and Arthur Meyer. They first bred German shepherds back in 1899.
  1. The qualities of German Shepherds were revealed during the First World War and have since become highly prized animals. It was then they have proven to be extremely reliable in rescue, custody, protection, delivery of messages.
  1. According to statistics, more than 8,000 police dogs are German Shepherds.
  1. In many countries, there are monuments built in honor of German Shepherds who gave their lives in the line of duty as service dogs. In Canada there is a memorial for 32 service dogs, that worked in the police and died during missions.

We all can admit that these dogs are just exceptional creatures. Loving, faithful and protective, they are perfect companions for small or big families, children, sick people, war veterans, professional athletes and even hunters. Almost everyone had a dream to possess a German Shepherd as a child. And some of us still dream about it…

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